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Types Of Home Textile Fabrics

Home textile sofa fabrics refer to the materials used to make home sofa textiles. Different fabrics can not only show different styles and characteristics, but also show different effects according to their colors and shapes. With the wide variety of home textile fabrics, we are all in pursuit of a high-quality, high-end home textile fabric, which is comfortable to use and absorbs sweat, which can increase the happiness of rest. In today's market, what types of home textile fabrics are there?

One Of The Types Of Home Textile Fabrics - Antistatic Home Textile Fabrics

Although synthetic fibers can make up for the shortage of natural fibers on the market, in home textile fabrics, due to the poor hygroscopicity of synthetic fibers, it is easy to accumulate static electricity, and it is very easy to vacuum in woven textiles. , contamination, etc., and the air permeability is very poor. Therefore, more people hope that home textiles can have antistatic properties. There are currently two methods on the market for antistatic. One is to carry out antistatic finishing on home textile fabrics, and a layer of hydrophilic film can be used in the finishing, so that the coefficient of friction can be reduced. The other is the home textile fabrics on the market now, the fibers are made into conductive fibers, and then woven into home textile fabrics. This antistatic home textile fabric has been well used in some bedding, curtains and other air-spun products.

The Second Type Of Home Textile Fabrics - Antibacterial Home Textile Fabrics

Antibacterial home textile fabrics can play a very good preventive role in preventing the invasion of germs, and this fabric is gradually being valued by people. With the development of science and technology, the radiation generated by electronic products in life can be seen everywhere, so The use of antibacterial home textile fabrics can not only suppress mites, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of related skin diseases, thereby improving people's living environment. For example, the commonly used bed sheets, towels, bathrobes, etc. are all made of antibacterial home textile fabrics.

The Third Home Textile Fabric - Anti-ultraviolet Home Textile Fabric

We all know that home textile fabrics are harmful to the human body. Long-term exposure will cause pigmentation and accelerate skin aging. However, home textile products made of anti-ultraviolet home textile fabrics can reduce damage to the human body. This home textile fabric shields ultraviolet rays. The rate can reach more than 95%, which is very suitable for some household anti-ultraviolet textiles such as curtains.

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