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What Are The Main Types Of Sofas?

Sofas are mainly divided into four types: leather sofas, fabric sofas (actually fabric sofas), curved wooden sofas and rattan sofas. So which one is suitable for placing in the living room? Next, I will introduce these four types of sofas.

1. The main material of fabric sofa is cloth, which can be divided into imitation suede fabric, leisure fabric sofa and European fabric sofa. Fabric sofa sofas are characterized by comfort. Comfort is the biggest feature of this sofa. Fabric sofas were invented for comfort, and most have two high backs that add a curved, low tube armrest. However, the disadvantage of this sofa is that the elasticity is not good enough, and the sitting feeling is not as good as that of a leather sofa. Not resistant to dirt, not waterproof, cleaning is more troublesome. But it is totally fine to put this sofa in the living room, and it can make the guests sit comfortably.

2. Leather sofa is actually a general term, cowhide, pigskin, horseskin and donkey skin can all be used as the raw material of the sofa. Genuine leather has natural pores and texture and feels plump, soft and elastic. Leather on the market can be roughly divided into four types according to texture: full green leather, half green leather, embossed leather, and chapped leather. The first two are usually expensive but of high quality; the latter two are relatively cheap and are generally used in households. This kind of sofa is also very suitable for placing in the living room. Its advantage is that it feels very good, and the overall appearance is more low-key and luxurious. It is very breathable and comfortable to sit on in summer. More environmentally friendly, no peeling, no cracking. Disadvantages are also obvious. The surface fabric is easily soiled and difficult to maintain. Although it can be removed and washed, frequent washing can cause discoloration. It is more prone to warping and looking old if removed and washed frequently. However, the price of this type of sofa is generally high due to the problem of raw materials.

3. Curved wooden sofa and Teng sofa, Xiaobian thinks that these two sofas are not suitable to be placed in the living room for guests to use, but they can be placed in the living room as a kind of decoration. The guests are not comfortable, so the editor does not recommend these two sofas to be placed in the living room for guests to use.

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