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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Velor Sofa Fabric

Advantages Of Velor Sofa Fabric

1. The velor sofa fabric has a smooth surface and good biocompatibility with the skin, so the velor fabric will be extra comfortable after wearing it, plus the velor itself has a soft feeling, the fabric will not cause irritation to the skin, and can be easily Take good care of our skin.

2. Velvet is often used in the production of clothing. Velvet has good wrinkle resistance and elasticity, and is mainly used in the field of medium and high-end clothing. Such as dresses and jackets.

3. Velvet fabric is breathable and heat-insulating, and can also prevent ultraviolet rays. Its excellent hand feeling is also one of the reasons why it is favored by consumers.

Disadvantages Of Velor Sofa Fabric

1. Easy to shed and pilling is one of the disadvantages of velor sofa fabric, because velvet will form short hairs during the production and processing process, and the short hairs will fall out after being processed into fabrics. Another situation is that the fabric bottom plate is not tight enough, so it is prone to pilling or hair loss after washing or rubbing. Therefore, when you choose velvet clothing, you can shake or rub the clothes first. If it will lose hair, it is not recommended to buy.

2. Because the combination of velor sofa fabric and dye is not very good, the color may fade after washing, so when washing velor fabrics, do not mix fabrics of different colors together for washing.

3, velor sofa fabric is not conducive to sewing, because the fabric is too smooth.

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