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A Few Steps To Teach You To Choose Plush Fabric

There are many applications of plush fabrics, such as clothes, sofas, toys and so on. And how to choose plush fabric? Here are a few aspects.

1. The density of plush, whether it feels smooth or not (that is, whether the bottom yarn is serious, whether the wool surface stands upright or falls down, the weight and the quality of finishing in the plush factory have a greater impact on this)

2. The quality of raw yarn and weaving fabric affect the smooth effect;

3. The quality of shearing affects the height of wool;

4. Dyeing accuracy affects color;

5. Look at the effect of the large area of the rough surface: whether the effect of the rough surface is dense, erect, smooth, and whether there are abnormal phenomena such as abnormal indentations, wavy lines, and random hair directions. The above aspects can basically be used to judge the quality.

Naturally, there are differences for different grades. And the requirements for them are not the same.

Plush is a garment made of plush fabric and other textile materials as the main fabric and filled with various fillers. Plush clothing is naturally an essential warm clothing in the cold winter.

Plush can choose animal plush such as sheep, cattle, rabbits, camels, etc., or the mixed plush of animal plush and natural, synthetic and artificial fibers, after feeding, opening, smoothing, carding, and netting forming , processed by acupuncture process, uniform thickness, high strength, good heat preservation, washing resistance, not easy to shed hair, can be used for insulation layer (liner) of various cold-proof clothing, can also be used for heat preservation of bedding, felt, shoes layer.

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