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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chenille Sofa Fabrics

Chenille sofa fabrics are widely used in home textiles and knitted garments because of their plump down, soft hand feel, thick fabric and light texture, forming a new highlight of product development. Chenille decorative products can be made into sofa covers, Bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets, carpets, wall decorations, curtains and other interior decoration accessories.

The speed of chenille sofa fabric is 8m/min~18m/min, which is why the chenille yarn is expensive. Two identical chenille yarns are produced on one spindle, and the two yarns are finally wound onto a large package.

Advantages: The use of chenille sofa fabrics gives home textile fabrics a thick feeling, with the advantages of high-end luxury, soft hand feeling, plump suede, good drape, and particularly good water absorption. Chenille curtains can not only reduce light and block light to meet people's different needs for light intensity, but also can prevent wind, dust, heat insulation, keep warm, and reduce noise to improve the climate and environment of the room.

Disadvantages: there will be deformation, and there will be shrinkage after cleaning, so it cannot be smoothed by ironing, so as not to cause the curtain fabric to fall down and mess up, especially the front of the curtain, so the curtain will not have much ornamental value. .

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