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Do You Know What Velvet Fabric Is

There are two kinds of velvet fabrics: floral velvet and plain velvet. Flower velvet refers to cutting part of the pile loops into fluff according to the pattern, so that it can be combined with the unbroken loops to form the pattern; while the plain velvet has all the pile loops on its surface. Generally, velvet uses silk as raw material or warp thread, cotton yarn as weft thread, and then mulberry silk (or rayon) for looping. When weaving, every four wool threads are woven into a pile rod (that is, a thin iron wire), and when the weaving reaches a certain length, it is cut along the iron wire with a cutter on the machine to form plush. How the plush starts is designed according to the pattern. There are two forms of patterns that make up the fabric: one is velvet satin, that is, Zhang satin; the other is velvet satin, that is, velvet. It is characterized by little texture, single, double color, or inlaid with gold and silver threads.


The velvet is full of fluff, fine texture, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and beautiful. Elastic, no lint, no pilling, good water absorption, three times that of cotton products, and no irritation to the skin.

Velvet's piles or loops stand tightly, with elegant shades, strong and wear-resistant fabrics, not easy to fade, and good resilience.

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