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Is The Chenille Sofa Fabric Good?

Chenille sand fabric is quite good. This kind of yarn fabric is twisted and spun with feather yarn in the middle and two strands as the core thread. Chenille yarn can be made into a variety of decorative products, not only can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets and other bedding, but also into table rugs, carpets, wall decorations, curtains and curtains and other indoor decorative accessories, and the texture Soft and comfortable, giving people a particularly warm feeling, the home textile fabric made of chenille yarn has a thick feeling, and has many advantages such as high-end luxury, soft hand feeling, good drape and full suede.

Chenille yarn is a relatively thick yarn that looks fluffy. The cloth woven from chenille is collectively called chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients, polyester and viscose can be made into chenille. This cloth is thicker and has a rougher style. There are more on the market now. The fabric ingredients that the store tells you are basically mixed with various names, not according to a uniform standard. Common ones are suede, chenille, yarn-dyed, cotton, linen. These fabrics are not good or bad, but each has different characteristics.

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