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How To Clean The Plush Sofa Fabric?

I believe that everyone is no stranger to plush sofa fabrics. When we entertain guests, the guests are all sitting on the sofa. The sofa will inevitably become dirty after sitting for a long time. At this time, the sofa needs to be cleaned. Next, I will take you to understand how to clean the plush sofa.

For sofas made of plush fabrics at home, we must do regular cleaning, because sofas made of such fabrics are very easy to accumulate dust. Laundry powder or cleaning fluid will clean them properly, but be sure to use softener after washing. The function of softener is to reduce the generation of static electricity, so we usually use softener when washing these plush fabric sofas, or when cleaning cotton clothes, and the price of softener is not expensive. You can buy it in the home store.

If the plush fabric sofa takes a long time, it is best to soak it for more than half an hour before cleaning, and then soak it in warm water, the effect will be more obvious, not only the plush fabric sofa , The plush dolls we usually use for children at home also need to be cleaned frequently, because children who are not sensible will often bite with their mouths. This will cause bacteria to directly enter the children's body. As the saying goes, disasters come from the mouth, and diseases come from the mouth. Don't be careless.

And when washing children's clothes, you can use special children's cleaning fluid, which can be purchased in children's and baby stores in the market, because the clothes that children wear next to the body should be handled more carefully, and even washing machines cannot be used. To clean, hand wash is required. Even if there is less dust in the house, the plush sofa needs to be cleaned frequently, because some dust that we can't see with our eyes still exists objectively.

Moreover, the plush fabric sofa in the home should be exposed to the sun frequently. Sunlight is the best way to kill bacteria, and it can kill all the mites in this fabric.

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