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Is The Linen Sofa Fabric Good? Linen Sofa Maintenance

Is the linen sofa fabric good? Linen sofa maintenance, in terms of texture, the most charming part of linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. It is also necessary to know that even in the scorching summer, there is no need to worry about sweating and sticky. The texture of the linen sofa is tight yet soft, moderately soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament. The linen sofa is wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, and it will not fade and balloon after a long time, which is the reason why all housewives like linen sofa.

You must know that in winter in the south, the indoors are humid, and the furniture is prone to damp and mold. It is also necessary to understand, and the linen sofa is not easy to mold in humid places. As a southerner, it is a good choice to put a linen sofa in the living room. Sitting on the sofa in winter, the indoor air is dry, and the friction between the skin and the outside world is likely to generate static electricity, but using a linen sofa can avoid static electricity.

From the perspective of manufacturing, the raw material of linen fabric is flax fiber, which is also very environmentally friendly. It is extracted from flax through a degumming process. It is a pure natural raw material and does not contain any harmful substances to the human body. Therefore, linen cloth has very good anti-allergic properties. Linen also has other advantages. Linen fabric is not available in other fabrics in terms of anti-static and antibacterial, and has the characteristics of lightness and coolness.

Linen sofa maintenance precautions

1. In terms of maintenance, we need to know about cleaning the sofa with detergent once a year, but the detergent must be washed off thoroughly afterwards, otherwise it is more likely to be stained with dirt. It is best to choose a special cleaner that contains antifouling agents. First of all, you can usually pat it with a dry towel and vacuum it at least once a week. The cloth sofa should be vacuumed regularly, if it can be done once a week, the armrests and seat cushions of the sofa are easy to get dirty, sofa towels or large towels.

2. We need to understand that the fabric sofa with sheath can generally be cleaned. You need to know that elastic sleeves can be washed in the washing machine at home, and larger cotton or linen sleeves can be taken to the laundromat for them. When ironing the sheath, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and need no ironing. Even if you want to iron, you should also consider the appearance of the fabric. The inner side is more suitable, while cotton sheaths are not suitable for ironing.

3. For home use, the armrests, backrests and gaps of the sofa must also be taken into account. We need to understand, but when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the weaving threads on the textile cloth and make the cloth fluffy. Avoid using a super suction force, which may cause the thread to be torn. Consider using a small vacuum cleaner for cleaning.

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