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The Development History Of Pu Leather

PU is the abbreviation of English poly urethane, the chemical Chinese name is "polyurethane". PU leather is the skin of the polyurethane component. It is widely used in the decoration of luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture. It has been increasingly recognized by the market. Its wide range of applications, large quantities and varieties cannot be satisfied by traditional natural leather. The quality of PU leather is also good or bad. Good PU leather is even more expensive than genuine leather. The shaping effect is good and the surface is bright!

In China, people used to call the artificial leather produced with PU resin as raw material PU artificial leather (referred to as PU leather); the artificial leather produced with PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw materials is called PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather). It is customary to refer to the above three types of leather as synthetic leather. How to name it? We need to unify and standardize it, so as to give it a more appropriate name.

Artificial leather and synthetic leather are an important part of the plastics industry and are widely used in various industries of the national economy. The production of artificial leather and synthetic leather has a history of more than 60 years in the world. China has been developing and producing artificial leather since 1958. It is an early-developed industry in China's plastics industry. In recent years, the development of China's artificial leather and synthetic leather industry is not only the growth of equipment production lines of production enterprises, the increase of product output year after year, the increase of varieties and colors, but also the development of the industry has its own industry organization, with considerable cohesion, thus It can organize Chinese artificial leather and synthetic leather enterprises, including related industries, to develop into a powerful industry.

After PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather has achieved breakthrough technological progress as an ideal substitute for natural leather after more than 30 years of research and development by scientific and technological experts.

The PU coating on the surface of the fabric first appeared on the market in the 1950s, and in 1964, DuPont developed a PU synthetic leather for shoe uppers. After the Japanese company established a production line with an annual output of 600,000 square meters, after more than 20 years of continuous research and development, PU synthetic leather has grown rapidly in terms of product quality, variety and output. Its performance is getting closer and closer to natural leather, and some properties even exceed natural leather, reaching a level that is indistinguishable from natural leather, and occupies a very important position in human daily life.

Today, Japan is the largest producer of synthetic leather, and the products of several companies such as Kuraray, Teijin, Toray, and Zhongfang basically represent the international development level in the 1990s. Its fiber and non-woven fabric manufacturing is developing in the direction of ultra-fine, high-density and high non-woven effect; its PU manufacturing is developing in the direction of PU dispersion and PU water emulsion, and the application fields of its products are constantly expanding. The field has developed to other special application fields such as clothing, balls, decoration, etc., covering all aspects of people's daily life.

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