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Application Of Bronzing Fabrics

Bronzing fabric, a kind of textile fabric. The textile fabrics processed by high temperature and high pressure on the bronzing machine are collectively referred to as bronzing fabrics.

Single-laminated bronzing fabrics, single-film bronzing fabrics (cloth gluing and film gluing), first gluing and then film bronzing fabrics.



The bronzing fabric used for clothing is generally novel in pattern, bright in color and soft in hand. In particular, the imitation leather series has a style effect similar to real leather, but the price is far lower than the price of real leather.


In general, the bronzing sofa fabrics pay more attention to the abrasion resistance and color fastness of the bronzing surface. Generally, the normal standard, the abrasion resistance should be above 20,000 revolutions, and the color fastness of dark colors should be above 3 grades. The finished sofa can be regarded as the standard sofa fabric.

The hot-stamped fabric can also be compounded with loop velvet, skin grafting, fireproof and so on.

The hot stamping fabric is bright in color, bright in color, graceful and luxurious, soft in hand, wear-resistant and durable, waterproof, sparkling, low in production cost, wide in use, good in visual effect and novel in pattern. It is usually suitable for supermarkets, hotels, banks, photo studios, Decorative walls, decorative pillars, decorative trees, costumes, drapery, weddings, etc.

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