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Characteristics And Development Situation Of Home Textile Fabrics

Home textile fabrics are widely used in home textiles, which are also called decorative textiles. It is a practical textile that can beautify and decorate people's living environment. Home textile fabrics are also widely used in sofas.

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Decorative textiles, as the name suggests, are mainly for decoration. Therefore, fully realizing the decorative purpose is the most basic requirement for this kind of textiles. The decorativeness of decorative textiles is mainly reflected by the color, pattern, style, style, texture, etc. of the fabric. At the same time, we must pay great attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment and the coordination with the decoration objects.


Decorative textiles are not the same as works of art, they are functional textiles. While good decorative textiles or good decorative design arrangements can be artistically entertaining, they must also fulfill practical requirements. Among them, it is convenient to use (including convenient construction), as durable as possible, and meets consumers' requirements for comfort.

With the trend of "heavy decoration, light decoration" in the home furnishing industry in recent years, home textiles have been more and more promoted from the practical role to the decorative role, and the home textile industry has been "activated" unprecedentedly.

The main feature of China's home textile industry is the emergence of industrial clusters. The home textile industry has a total of 15 industrial clusters featuring bedding, cloth, embroidery, towels, flocking, and blankets.

At present, Chinese home textile enterprises are expanding the design ideas of home textiles, designing home textiles with both fashion and Chinese characteristics, establishing a unique brand culture, getting out of the current situation where the home textile industry mainly relies on two narrow markets of marriage and housewarming, and tapping consumers. Starting from the potential needs of the market, seek new market segments, such as functional home textiles, men's home textiles, fashion home textiles, etc., to promote the faster development of China's home textile industry.

The development prospect of home textile industry is bright. First of all, investment-oriented and public service-oriented consumption hotspots represented by residential housing, hotels and restaurants, tourism transportation, medical and health care, etc. will all become factors that promote the continuous expansion of China's home textile market. The Olympic economy and the Shanghai World Expo will also provide opportunities for the development of the home textile industry. a new opportunity. Secondly, the improvement of Chinese people's quality of life has continuously expanded the demand for home textile products; finally, nearly 10 million couples get married every year in China, and the consumption of home textile products due to marriage will be very considerable.

In the next few years, China's home textile market is expected to have a net increase of 200 billion to 300 billion yuan. As one of the three key development sectors of the textile industry, the appearance of the home textile industry is quietly changing people's lives and the pattern of the market.

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