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What Is Cut Pile Fabric?

The cut pile fabric can be cut pile on both sides, or one side can be cut pile, and the other side is still looped. It can also be partially cut pile to form pattern loops coexisting and lining each other. The characteristics of cut pile towels are soft, comfortable to use, and have stronger hygroscopicity and softness than ordinary fabrics. After cutting the velvet and then printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of the towel, thereby improving the product quality. The cut pile fabric is similar to the terry cloth. The pile is cut and trimmed by the cut pile, and the fluff on the surface of the fabric is shortened.

1. Production process:

The characteristic of cut pile fabric is that the grey fabric is double-layered when weaving, and after weaving is completed, it is cut from the middle by cutting, thereby producing the middle suede. Because the fleece is obtained by cutting the sheet, the fleece itself is not very strong, so there is a special brushing procedure in the finishing to fix the fleece. The easiest way to test the quality of the flannel is to gently rub with your fingers on the back of the flannel, and the quality is good if it does not fall off.

2. Advantages:

The cut pile has a uniform suede surface, good gloss, comfortable velvet feel, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

3. Cleaning method:

Do not rub or scrub in water, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline to gently wipe it. The correct cleaning method should be to use both hands to remove moisture or let it dry naturally. When brushing, it should be placed on a flat wooden board or table, and brushed along the texture to keep the color uniform and avoid hair on the cloth.

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