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How To Clean Velvet Fabric?

Velvet fabrics are divided into two types: silk weaving and silk brocade interweaving.

Raw materials, table blankets, cushions, artistic hanging screens, etc., among which the raw materials can be used as fabrics for high-end fashion and sofas and car cushions.

Weft-knitted velvet fabric is a terry fabric produced on imported equipment, which is finished after dyeing and shearing.

A high-grade knitted fabric. The product has plump fluff, bright luster, soft hand feeling and good eating performance.

Clothes made of velvet are steam ironed. Therefore, there may be some hot spots left by steam ironing on the clothes.

mark. After the clothes are bought, wait for a while, and the burn marks will disappear.

The surface of velvet is composed of densely packed small fluff. During the production and processing of the fabric, a small part of fluff particles will remain in the

above, it is inevitable. Most of them will be washed out in the first wash. If the suit is black, sapphire blue and other dark card plates will look

It will be more obvious. This is a normal phenomenon, please do not worry too much! No special treatment is required. Generally, after several times of normal wearing and washing

The situation will get better slowly, just try not to wash the velvet in the washing machine.

Don't wring it out hard, because it will damage the velvet. In the process of wearing, the inner surface is artificially hung out, so it cannot be pulled out by hand.

Pulling, because it will loosen the fluff and cause the fluff to fall; if you must use the washing machine to wash the velvet, you can zip up the suit and turn it into a

On the other side, put it in the laundry bag and adjust it to a gentle wash. After washing, it should be placed on the shelf to drip dry, avoid direct sunlight exposure


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