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Chenille Sofa Fabric Cleaning Method And Standard

Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust, reduce shrinkage and deformation, and pay more attention to maintenance at ordinary times. Don’t stain the fabric for a long time. If there is no bronzing technology, the chenille sofa fabric needs to be dry-cleaned

The fabric of the sofa is the most important thing in the composition of the sofa. The quality of a sofa is directly reflected in the fabric, which is also the first touch and perception that customers feel, so the fabric will become the key factor that determines whether the customer chooses this sofa. One of the primary criteria. 1. Working knowledge The price of fabrics with different quality will vary by several times or even more. Therefore, it is normal for the price of sofas in the market to vary from high to low or even vary widely. After all, the cost varies greatly; at the same time, different types of fabrics give People have a different sense of sitting and visual effects. Now the fabrics of fabric sofas on the market have different classification methods according to different types. (1) According to the classification of raw materials, there are cotton, linen, chemical fiber, silk and blended. Cotton cloth Cotton cloth is a cloth made of cotton yarn, which is the general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. Benefits: Sweat-absorbing, breathable, soft, anti-aggressive, easy to clean, and not easy to pill. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, easy.

What are the standards for chenille fabrics?

Chenille yarn, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It uses two strands as the core thread, and the feather yarn is clamped at the base through twisting and spun. Generally there are chenille products such as sticky/nitrile, cotton/wash, sticky/cotton, nitrile/wash, sticky/wash. Chenille decoration products can be made into interior decoration accessories such as sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets, carpets, wall coverings, curtains and curtains. The use of special chenille yarn endows home textile fabrics with a solid feeling, which has the advantages of high-grade luxury, soft hand feeling, full suede, and good drapability. Not all viscose/polyester blends are chenille products, and not all chenille fabrics are viscose/polyester blends. Chenille thread Chenille thread is characterized by fibers being held on a plied core yarn, shaped like a bottle brush. It feels soft and is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are rich and velvet. It can also be directly used as a braiding thread.

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