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How Should Velour Sofa Fabric Be Cleaned?

How to clean velour sofa fabric? First use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the gaps of the sofa, spread a large towel dipped in alcohol on the flannel surface, beat it with a wooden stick, and the dust on the flannel will stick to the towel. Wipe with a wet towel, then dry with a hairdryer.

Cleaning of velvet sofa: Sweep with a clean brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol, and then dry it with a hair dryer. clear.

Basic cleaning steps:

1. After any liquid splashes on the velvet, immediately dry the surface of the velvet with a clean white soft cloth.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wipe and scrub the velvet.

3. Use 95% hot water plus 5% soap solution (mild detergent, no bleaching or brightening ingredients), then

Finally, use a cloth dipped in the solution, and gently rub the stain from the inside to the outside on the stained part.

4. The cleaned place must be completely dry before use, and cannot be dried with a hair dryer.

5. Do not use solvent cleaners.

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